Hi everyone! I’m Shannon, and welcome to The Central!

I have a constant itch to do something exciting and productive every time I have a spare second. My lovely husband can testify, I get the most stressed out and anxious when I have free time and nothing to do! I’m not much into traveling, or having fun all day long, or taking pictures and posting them on Instagram…, but I have a passion for creating things that matter to people and that have meaning. It is my understanding that art becomes beauty by adding function, or purpose, to the aesthetic. I find that the most beautiful ways to live life are the ones that are not only pleasing to our senses, but also enrich our lives.

From the hot and lively tropics of Guatemala to the hippie-dippie desert of Arizona, music was my original artistic thought. I grew up to discover my world of visual art, paired with the written word. Today, my cute husband, Trinity, and I  live happily on the North Shore of Oahu, and my fascination with the arts continues to wonderfully burn within me.

When I was 20 I realized a difference between performing and studying the arts, and have dedicate myself since to be an active learner of the artistic zest that beautifies our humanity. In other words, you can find me in all sorts of studies, from studio and live oil painting, to private jazz vocal, to Trinidadian steel drum performance, and others, for the sake of better understanding the painter, the revolutionary jazz movement, the steel drum culture—mine is a continuous academic research.

I created The Central as a place to share the meaningful things that I compile and learn. Art is made to be shared! And art with background and meaning is useful and enlightening. So, The Central is a place for all creative art forms, from any place in the world; if you do something creative and it means something to you, there’s a spot here for you!

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Besides all of that,  I am a Disneyland fanatic, cannoli enthusiast, kayaking rookie, among other things. I want to eat Lay’s Lime Potato Chips and Ted’s Chocolate Haupia Pie on my death bed, and Gilmore Girls is currently like my second family. IKEA is my third home, behind Disneyland and my actual home-home.  I make a scrumptious tres leches cake and Latin dancing is my favorite pass-time. Most of all, I love my Guatemala, Costa Rica, Arizona, Hawaii, and my awesome husband and family!