Learning with Shannon – Provo, Utah

Come and learn music, art, or Spanish with me! I love kids, teaching, and creating beautiful things. See my classes below and contact me for scheduling and pricing. If your child is at an intermediate or advanced level in any of these areas please contact me for advanced placement courses.

shannonlaparra@gmail.com | 480.217.2682




Cello for Beginners – I’ve played cello for 9 years! My students have loved learning this beautiful instrument and yours will too. For students with 0-1 years of experience.

Spanish Immersion Daycare – Originally from Guatemala and Costa Rica, we love speaking Spanish at our house! Want to give your young children an immersion experience AND need daycare? I’m available Monday – Friday regular business hours. If you don’t need daycare and just want a couple hours of Spanish language teaching a week, that’s great too!

Oil Painting 1 – Learning to paint with oils can be overwhelming, there are lots to know! Understand the basics and fundamentals of successful artistry.

Oil Painting, Still Life – Introduction of color representation in light through still life objects. Composition proportion introduction.

Oil Painting, Landscape – Intermediate comprehension of color representation in light through nature and outdoor scenery. Introduction of flexibility with composition proportion.

Oil Painting, Portraiture – Mastery of color representation in light through figure study, especially faces. Composition proportion mastery.

*Please keep in mind that unless students have measurable past experience, these classes must be taken in order* 

Art around the World – Perhaps my favorite class to teach, Art around the World is appropriate for students of all ages. “Travel” with me as we study art from the major cultures of the world in historical chronological order, as well as practice some of their techniques for ourselves!

* Region and time specific classes are also available for all ages. Examples include Oceanic, 20th-century, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Mediterranean, Modern Western Europe, and more.*

Charcoal Figure Drawing – Learn the principles of figure drawing in the most effective way–with charcoal! Study of proportion, human figure and poses, contrast, and line. Recommended if interested in Oil Painting classes.

Guitar for Beginners – Study tuning, notes, chords, tab-reading, picking and strumming and get started with your guitar! Classical guitar emphasis available if interested.