Northern Renaissance Painting through Bosch

No joke, this is bomb! Experience Bosch’s piece through this “‘interactive documentary’ [that] not only lets you explore the painting in incredible detail down to the most minute brush strokes, it also includes sound design as you move through various sections of the painting and a series of audio essays describing over 40 areas of the painting!”… Read More Northern Renaissance Painting through Bosch

Preserving Kaqchikel – A Mayan language

The Mayas were an ancient Mesoamerican civilization who lived in northern Central America–namely modern-day Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala.  Their original mother language has not been fully interpreted yet, but many branching dialects and cultures are trying to survive in a globalizing world…   Learn more at…/presentation-on-the-kaqchikel-lan… Published on Apr 27, 2010 Linguist: Nikte Sis Iboy

Virtual New Testament App

 BYU’s Virtual 3D Jerusalem Recently available in Beta version since February 2017, Brigham Young University published a new FREE Virtual New Testament App that allows you to immerse yourself into ancient Jerusalem and explore the scriptures in a “detailed visual context” (“Visit Jesus’s Jerusalem with Virtual New Testament App”, Future updates have been said… Read More Virtual New Testament App