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Preserving Kaqchikel – A Mayan language

The Mayas were an ancient Mesoamerican civilization who lived in northern Central America–namely modern day Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala.  Their original mother language has not been fully interpreted yet, but many branching dialects and cultures are trying to survive in a globalizing world…


Learn more at…/presentation-on-the-kaqchikel-lan…

Published on Apr 27, 2010
Linguist : Nikte Sis Iboy
Image and sound : José Reynès
Editing : Caroline Laurent

“The linguist, Nikte Sis Iboy’s, moving intervention in a call for the preservation of Kaqchikel, and all Mayan languages for that matter, as the loss of a language ultimately implies the loss of knowledge, culture and identity.” (Video Description)


Can you name a similar culture to the modern day Central American indigenous peoples?  Who else out there has had something similar happen to their language and culture?

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Tribe of Many Feathers – BYU

Students at Brigham Young University recaptured the modern Native American spirit with their #RocYourMocs campaign this last November. Inviting their peers to wear moccasins during a week of Native American Appreciation month, this video had over 33K views and 450 shares–just on the club president’s, Michael Goedel, Facebook post.

#RocYourMocs Video

Videography: Rebekah Williams and Shanoah Zendejas
Editing: Rebekah Williams

Michael posted, “You do not need to be Native American or First Nations to celebrate Native American heritage month! We invite all to learn more about our culture. Now here is a quick look at how we like to celebrate!”

The dancers in the Tribe of Many Feathers’ video are all performers of another BYU group called Living Legends. This youth group showcases culture by traveling all over the world; in 2016, they performed in New Zealand, Samoa, and Tonga. “Organized in 1971, Living Legends celebrates the native heritage of North and South America and the South Pacific in a vibrant presentation of energy, music, costume, and dance” (Living Legends Facebook page).

Photos from the Living Legends Facebook page:
March 2017 de Jong Alumni Show – Photo Credit: Michael Handley


click to enlarge.

Visit the Living Legends Facebook page here.

Not counting the views, likes, and shares from others who also posted the #RocYourMocs video, the club of young adults was able to excitably spread awareness of an ancient culture to a modern and young audience who loved it. Their success of cultural promotion is inspiring.

During the time of the campaign, the #NoDAPL Dakota access pipeline issue was growing in severity. The Tribe of Many Feathers was not only able to entertain their peers with their fun #RocYourMocs week, but also open discussion and link young people to real issues facing the Native American peoples. By combining their upbeat and modern video-making skills and the joyous dancing, music, colors, and footwear from their heritage, these students connected their audience to Native Americans of the past–who have left a cultural legacy–and to those who are now striving to continue it. The BYU students of the Tribe of Many Feathers are keeping culture alive in a isolated tech age.

The Blog Creative is proud to feature a group that emulates our goal of combining art and meaning again into our modern world. The Tribe of Many Feathers has fused today’s audience with creative utility–and continues to do so. Their title may now not only include various Native American tribes, but numerous other “feathers”, or peoples, who are participating in their cultural celebrations along with them.

Tribe of Many Feathers – BYU. (TMF Facebook page)

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Mona Lisa – Why?

cff24b41ba090185e967540c443b8880Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is claimed to be the world’s #1 most popular painting. But why? Is it that special? This priceless work of art rests in the Louvre Museum in Paris–where it was stolen in 1911!

With all her technique, mysterious smile, beloved painter, and origin theories, the Mona Lisa had fame since the 16th century, but the outbreak of newspapers all over the world searching for her in the early 20th-century made her the modern icon of art.

Mona Lisa was taken by an Italian handyman named Vincenzo Peruggia, who hoped to return her back to her Italian home.

But how did he do it? How did he pull it off? And how did the French recover her? FINALLY understand what the bustle is over this small 2′ 6″ x 1′ 9″ painting in this short article by CNN a couple years ago.

  • Read another article and watch a video about the theft on the Smithsonian website here.
  • See & have a quick read about the Mona Lisa on the Louvre’s website here.


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Art History Meme #2

d28a817f052e660409c2ac3bd26a1836‘Spun’ off of Raphael’s School of Athens, c. 1509-1511. Featuring Plato and Aristotle on the fresco wall (1 out of 4) representing Philosophy.

Which figure is Plato, and which is Aristotle?

Why is one gesturing upwards, and the other holding his hand out before him?






School of Athens & Stanza della Segnatura, Papal Palace, Vatican


Khan Academy – Explanation of School of Athens

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Food for Thought – Christopher Wiley

18077253_10212928196945808_7810636284854809826_oThis Tuesday, May 9th, the young and promising eclectic composer, Christopher Wiley, showcased his Senior Composition Recital at Brigham Young University – Hawaii. Twenty-four years old and from Bend, Oregon, Chris has evolved into a passionate and innovative musician who delivers refreshing originality.  His concert showcased “a wide variety of original music…ranging in genres and styles from jazz, to experimental voice, to film scores, to Brazilian batucada, and more” (event bio). Christopher’s compositions, performed by BYU-H students and faculty of the Music Department, create such a distinct palette that the only correlation between the songs quickly becomes obvious to the listener as an unmistakable atmosphere of intellectual reflection–what did all these different sounds and emotions mean?. Clearly an appropriate name, “Food for Thought” riveted its audience through an introspective journey of feelings–a congratulatory feat for Chris who desires to advance his career into story-telling and emotional film-scoring.
Continue reading “Food for Thought – Christopher Wiley”

Van Gogh – Fork Scrape Painting

Kid-friendly painting activity that gives you an opportunity to teach your kids about famous art! Check out this article on The Pinterested Parent and start mimicking DaVinci, Matisse, Picasso, Van Gogh, and other artists!

could also make a creative date idea!


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Virtual New Testament App

1200x630bb BYU’s Virtual 3D Jerusalem

Recently available in Beta version since February 2017, Brigham Young University published their new FREE Virtual New Testament App that allows you to immerse yourself into ancient Jerusalem and explore the scriptures in a “detailed visual context” (“Visit Jesus’s Jerusalem with Virtual New Testament App”,

Future updates have been said to include ancient Greece, Rome, Galilee, Bethlehem, Book of Mormon lands (ancient Americas), and more!

See the full-length article on here.

Apple App Store Description

“Immerse yourself like never before into ancient Jerusalem. Walk the streets, climb the steps of the Temple, and overlook the beautiful city from the Antonia Fortress. Using your device’s gyroscope, choose from one of many locations in the ancient city and enjoy a 360-degree view of Jerusalem and the surrounding hillsides. You can also explore the Temple Mount in a ground-level walkthrough helping you visualize the significant events in the life of Jesus and his apostles that occurred there.

1. What does our App do? It allows you to virtually immerse in the 1st Century city of Jerusalem. It gives you a chance to make better sense of your Bible study by allowing you to visualize and create context for what you are reading.
2. What problem does it solve? Greater contextual understanding of the Holy city with its Temple.
3. What’s Unique about it? It is more detailed and polished than most 3D models of Jerusalem and Herod’s Temple.
4. Why Download this instead of anything else? It’s a free and engaging way to immerse yourself in a virtual version of Jesus’ world 2000 years ago”.

View on iTunes here.

Download the iOS version at:
Download the Android version at:
Download the Mac or PC version at:

Feedback welcomed at 

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Cat-Pun Surrealist Mugs | $15.99 @

Get a little modern cat-humor and mid-twentieth century surrealism in your mornings.  “Frida Catlo” | “Salvador Pawli

Photo of Salvador Dali & Frida Kahlo – Surrealist Painters

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