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      Margaret Atwood says that “in the end, we all become stories”; stories of humankind that are decaying through time, but can be found here; worlds beyond our world–are here. The humanities are creative outlets in which we define the human experience. Different for each place, time, and peoples, Art, Literature, Music, Religion, Philosophy, History, Language, and the likes, have taught us how to live.

How can we profess to have identity without knowing how we arrived where we are? The Central is a web-project aiming to restore awareness to the Arts in this modern day.

The Central offers:

  • Weekly Academic Articles
  • The Humanities Club
  • Blog Creative
  • My Personal Works
  • Resources & Credits
  • About Me



— The Weekly Academic Articles are the highlight of The Central. Each week a research article, researched and written by me, is posted. These articles are a curriculum-type series of the Humanities through time–namely Art History. From Christian Architecture to Ethnographic Religion, and many other subjects, this is the meat of The Central where you can learn about history and arts.



— The Central offers information and an invitation to contact me about joining The Humanities Club. The Club is an exclusive and small group of individuals, with artistic interests, that share and discuss how art, music, literature, and ideas affect people. It’s an exclusive opportunity where we discuss the Weekly Academic Articles with fellow art-history enthusiasts, pose provocative questions about society and culture, and share our daily experiences and discoveries. It could be from exchanging music suggestions, sharing your personal creative works, learning more about an artistic political movement, or asking for advice for traveling, the Club is for people looking to interact with other creative individuals.



Blog Creative is a place of small and more frequent creative posts. A feed of lighter content, Blog Creative can feature from an Art History meme, to a short video of modern Native American dancing by college students, to cultural food recipes from foreign countries. Anything creative, innovative, or clever goes.



— In les Humanités Central you can find my personal portfolio of creative works. This includes drawing and painting pieces, music performances and compositions, short fiction, analytical literature essays, and photography projects I have done.



— Essential to The Central, the Resources & Credits area acknowledges all textbooks, databases, professors and teachers, websites, and other academic works that have been studied and have contributed to the making of les Humanités Central.



— The About Me page gives a brief insight into who I am as the creator of les Humanités Central as well as a bit of my personal life and interests.