Preserving Kaqchikel – A Mayan language

The Mayas were an ancient Mesoamerican civilization who lived in northern Central America–namely modern-day Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala.  Their original mother language has not been fully interpreted yet, but many branching dialects and cultures are trying to survive in a globalizing world…


Learn more at…/presentation-on-the-kaqchikel-lan…

Published on Apr 27, 2010
Linguist: Nikte Sis Iboy
Image and sound: José Reynès
Editing: Caroline Laurent

“The linguist, Nikte Sis Iboy’s, moving intervention in a call for the preservation of Kaqchikel, and all Mayan languages for that matter, as the loss of a language ultimately implies the loss of knowledge, culture, and identity.” (Video Description)


Can you name a similar culture to the modern-day Central American indigenous peoples?  Who else out there has had something similar happen to their language and culture?

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