Preserving Kaqchikel – A Mayan language

The Mayas were an ancient Mesoamerican civilization who lived in northern Central America–namely modern day Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala.  Their original mother language has not been fully interpreted yet, but many branching dialects and cultures are trying to survive in a globalizing world…


Learn more at…/presentation-on-the-kaqchikel-lan…

Published on Apr 27, 2010
Linguist : Nikte Sis Iboy
Image and sound : José Reynès
Editing : Caroline Laurent

“The linguist, Nikte Sis Iboy’s, moving intervention in a call for the preservation of Kaqchikel, and all Mayan languages for that matter, as the loss of a language ultimately implies the loss of knowledge, culture and identity.” (Video Description)


Can you name a similar culture to the modern day Central American indigenous peoples?  Who else out there has had something similar happen to their language and culture?

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