Tribe of Many Feathers – BYU

Students at Brigham Young University recaptured the modern Native American spirit with their #RocYourMocs campaign this last November. Inviting their peers to wear moccasins during a week of Native American Appreciation month, this video had over 33K views and 450 shares–just on the club president’s, Michael Goedel, Facebook post.

#RocYourMocs Video

Videography: Rebekah Williams and Shanoah Zendejas
Editing: Rebekah Williams

Michael posted, “You do not need to be Native American or First Nations to celebrate Native American heritage month! We invite all to learn more about our culture. Now here is a quick look at how we like to celebrate!”

The dancers in the Tribe of Many Feathers’ video are all performers of another BYU group called Living Legends. This youth group showcases culture by traveling all over the world; in 2016, they performed in New Zealand, Samoa, and Tonga. “Organized in 1971, Living Legends celebrates the native heritage of North and South America and the South Pacific in a vibrant presentation of energy, music, costume, and dance” (Living Legends Facebook page).

Photos from the Living Legends Facebook page:
March 2017 de Jong Alumni Show – Photo Credit: Michael Handley


click to enlarge.

Visit the Living Legends Facebook page here.

Not counting the views, likes, and shares from others who also posted the #RocYourMocs video, the club of young adults was able to excitably spread awareness of an ancient culture to a modern and young audience who loved it. Their success of cultural promotion is inspiring.

During the time of the campaign, the #NoDAPL Dakota access pipeline issue was growing in severity. The Tribe of Many Feathers was not only able to entertain their peers with their fun #RocYourMocs week, but also open discussion and link young people to real issues facing the Native American peoples. By combining their upbeat and modern video-making skills and the joyous dancing, music, colors, and footwear from their heritage, these students connected their audience to Native Americans of the past–who have left a cultural legacy–and to those who are now striving to continue it. The BYU students of the Tribe of Many Feathers are keeping a culture alive in an isolated tech age.

The Blog Creative is proud to feature a group that emulates our goal of combining art and meaning again into our modern world. The Tribe of Many Feathers has fused today’s audience with creative utility–and continues to do so. Their title may now not only include various Native American tribes, but numerous other “feathers”, or peoples, who are participating in their cultural celebrations along with them.

Tribe of Many Feathers – BYU. (TMF Facebook page)

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