Virtual New Testament App

1200x630bb BYU’s Virtual 3D Jerusalem

Recently available in Beta version since February 2017, Brigham Young University published a new FREE Virtual New Testament App that allows you to immerse yourself into ancient Jerusalem and explore the scriptures in a “detailed visual context” (“Visit Jesus’s Jerusalem with Virtual New Testament App”,

Future updates have been said to include ancient Greece, Rome, Galilee, Bethlehem, Book of Mormon lands (ancient Americas), and more!

See the full-length article on here.

Apple App Store Description

“Immerse yourself like never before into ancient Jerusalem. Walk the streets, climb the steps of the Temple, and overlook the beautiful city from the Antonia Fortress. Using your device’s gyroscope, choose from one of many locations in the ancient city and enjoy a 360-degree view of Jerusalem and the surrounding hillsides. You can also explore the Temple Mount in a ground-level walkthrough helping you visualize the significant events in the life of Jesus and his apostles that occurred there.

1. What does our App do? It allows you to virtually immerse in the 1st Century city of Jerusalem. It gives you a chance to make better sense of your Bible study by allowing you to visualize and create the context for what you are reading.
2. What problem does it solve? Greater contextual understanding of the Holy City with its Temple.
3. What’s Unique about it? It is more detailed and polished than most 3D models of Jerusalem and Herod’s Temple.
4. Why Download this instead of anything else? It’s a free and engaging way to immerse yourself in a virtual version of Jesus’ world 2000 years ago”.

View on iTunes here.

Download the iOS version at
Download the Android version at
Download the Mac or PC version at

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